Hello! I am Meghan. I am a full time wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of a small town in Alberta, Canada. I am married to my husband Steve and we have two beautiful girls, Kaia and Cacee. They are the biggest blessings in our lives and I’m lucky enough to be able to stay home with them while doing a job I love.  Travelling and exploring new destinations, and learning about their cultures inspires me and keeps my mind creative. I also love going to the lake in the summer, hiking, jogging, yoga, reading, trying new foods and having coffee with friends.

As a photographer, I’m most passionate in getting to the “in between” moments.  I get giddy capturing unposed subjects and capturing their true and genuine emotion.  I want your true personalities and love for one another to show and unfold in the photos, so you will love and cherish the photos forever!

Now some random facts about me.  I am petrified of spiders and snakes (if I see one I will act like a crazy person).  I am extremely clumsy, so much that a lot of the laughter in my photos is because I just wiped out.  I say “like” and “love” way too much.  My favourite flower is white tulips and simple greenery.  I never know the words to songs but sing along and love a good dance party (when no one is watching because I have no rhythm!)

XO Megs

“ always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive. ”

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